Educational Results Partnership Self-Audit Questions

This page has PDF copies of the audit questions to assist you in your reform efforts. Click on the Framework boxes below to display the corresponding framework questions.

Organizing Theme District School Classroom
Student Learning: Expectations and Goals Provide clear, prioritized academic objectives by grade and subject that all students are expected to master Implement the district’s written curriculum and ensure that all students achieve specific academic goals Ensure the district’s written curriculum is taught to and mastered by all students
Staff Selection, Leadership, and Capacity Building Provide strong leaders, highly qualified teachers, and aligned professional development Select, develop, and allocate staff based on student learning Collaborate in grade level / subject teams focused on student learning
Instructional Programs, Practices, and Arrangements Provide evidence-based instructional programs Ensure the use of evidence-based programs, practices, and arrangements in every classroom Use evidence-based programs, practices, and arrangements
Monitoring: Compilation, Analysis, and Use of Data Develop student assessment and data monitoring systems to monitor school performance Monitor teacher performance and student learning Monitor student learning
Recognition, Intervention, and Adjustment Recognize, intervene, or adjust based on school performance Recognize, intervene, or adjust based on teacher performance Recognize, intervene, or adjust based on student performance

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