Avoiding Fiduciary Faux Pas

Fiduciaries and attorneys who represent them may be interested in “Prudent Investment Practices – A Handbook for Investment Fiduciaries.” This guide is available for free from the Foundation for Fiduciary Studies online at www.ffstudies.org/checklist.pdf. “The legal and practical scrutiny a fiduciary undergoes is tremendous, and it comes from multiple directions and for various reasons. It… Read More Avoiding Fiduciary Faux Pas

Filing Articles of Incorporation by Mail is Very Slow

Businesses move into this century was precipitated by great changes in computing power. Harnessing this power effectively to increase worker productivity, however, took longer than expected. It is here upon us now, though. For example, incorporating your business is a straightforward process which can be taken care of online. Potentially shaving weeks off the old… Read More Filing Articles of Incorporation by Mail is Very Slow

Search for your school or district’s performance data, then easily compare it with schools that share similar demographics. Search for your school or district: Become a volunteer district Best Practice resources can help schools learn about successful practices that raise student academic achievement and close achievement gaps. Best Practice Framework Self-Audits (Currently aligning to our… Read More


Educational Results Partnership Self-Audit Questions This page has PDF copies of the audit questions to assist you in your reform efforts. Click on the Framework boxes below to display the corresponding framework questions. Organizing Theme District School Classroom Student Learning: Expectations and Goals Provide clear, prioritized academic objectives by grade and subject that all students… Read More Self-Audit