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Best Practice resources can help schools learn about successful practices that raise student academic achievement and close achievement gaps.

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  • Self-Audits (Currently aligning to our new framework)
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What Volunteers Get

Educational Results Partnership is recruiting a pool of volunteer districts that are interested in getting the full data picture.

Districts participating in the volunteer program will gain access to additional reports that include:

  • Access to more detailed data charts for each grade level and subject, including charts on CST Content Area Strands, CST Strands Over Time, and Student Mobility.
  • Join a growing learning community of participating districts, now more than 245, and gain access to new features as developed.
  • Additional support to your district and schools as needed to help you maximize use of the system and replicate best practices of high performing schools.

Like the Snapshot data pictures, reports for the volunteer districts are based on student performance results from the California Standards Test.

Districts already participating in the volunteer pilot can access the non-public portion of the site by clicking here. Representatives of districts that would like to receive more information about becoming a Volunteer District should complete the form below. A list of current Volunteer Districts is available here.

Become a Volunteer District

Please complete the form below if you wish to be contacted about becoming a volunteer district or otherwise assisting with the Educational Results Partnership project. After submitting the form, you will be returned to our home page.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

Most first-time visitors are looking for school data or best practice information. To get to the school data pictures, just enter a school or district name in the search box (on the home page), then select your school or district from the list (in blue). Best practice information is found by clicking on the B block on the left.

I can’t find …

Remember, whenever something is shown in blue on, there is data or a chart behind it. Also, your “navigation” for the web site (how to go back and forth) is found at the top of the screen (as opposed to using your browser arrows).If you still can’t find what you are looking for, click here and visit our Site Map which lists all of the pages available on a single page.

How do I …

Need a quick walk through the site? Check out our How-To guide that walks you through the site. If you don’t find the answer you’re looking for click here to email EdResults staff with your question. We’ll answer it, and make sure it gets included in a future version of the How-to guide or on this page.

What does this report mean?

While we think the data pictures are easy to understand, when you are looking at them for the first time, questions often arise. The How-To guide mentioned above includes information about interpreting the charts. If you still have specific questions about what you can and cannot view on, email us with your question.

How can I help?

With over 6 million students in California, there is plenty of work to do in school improvement. EdResults is entirely supported by philanthropy and through the efforts of our partners. To find out how you can help, just email us.

It didn’t work.

Well, first, try again. If it still didn’t work, verify that you are running a recent version of your web browser program. Internet Explorer or Netscape should be at least version 5 to successfully use the site. EdResults staff have tested a variety of hardware, operating systems and browser software but it is still possible that you might have a configuration that we haven’t seen before. Email our webmaster with the details on your configuration and we will try to assist.

How can I link from my web page directly to my data

Use our Direct Link feature.

On your web site use this format for the link URL: or

You can replace the “X” characters with the 7 digit district portion of your CDS code or your complete 14 digit CDS code. If the CDS code is for a school site, it will take you directly to the Summary Page for your site. If the CDS code is for a district, it will take you directly to the list of schools in your district so you can select the appropriate virtual office.

I really need help!

If you’ve read everything above and you still need help, please email EdResults staff and we’ll do our best to assist.